A flawless comfort living

The villa includes 5 uniquely designed guest bedrooms, living room, kitchen and a kitchenette, 3 dining spaces, swimming pool, water fall, 2 gazebos, a Gym/ yoga hall, Jacuzzi, several water bodies, lush landscaped gardens and a vegetable garden inside the house designed for Divine intervention.

The 5pm LOUNGE

The 5:00 pm Lounge: Get the feeling its 5:00 pm anytime of the day when you lounge in the plush deck. Makes perfect setting for a meeting, your personal Yoga room and can even convert to a dance floor.


Incorporating all characterises of the planet Neptune, this zone is highlighted by the stunning designer glass light fixture design leading you to the Open inviting Pool with a ten feet Waterfall. Water does refresh your soul and this zone delivers to do just that.


The “Suite-ra”: alias The Master Bedroom replete with a reclining massage King Size bed, a beautiful balcony includes a Jacuzzi and state-of-the-art Massage Chair.
A honeymooner’s paradise indeed.


As the name suggests, this private enclosure has many guests reserving it for a night of sleep under the stars as the swing sways you gently.
With a private restroom and mind-blowing natural ambience this secluded terrace spot assures you of privacy and an unparallel experience


The Zen and the Earth rooms overlook the Pisces Corridor and provide tranquil feel with a contemporary touch which mirror each other.

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